Geography Awareness Week, Cake Competition, 17th November

Thank you to all students for taking part in the cake competition in celebration of Geography Awareness Week. We are so impressed by your tasty, eye-catching bakes and are so proud of you all for the time and effort which would have gone into making them. All cakes were brilliant. We are very lucky to have such talented, committed students at Wellington. 

Miss Hennessey


  • William Stockley
  • Sourish Chanda
  • Millie Slaney
  • Alia Shea
  • Nia Roberts
  • Amber-Rai Gough
  • Kazuki Fairbrother
  • Christy Ho
  • Amelie Rose Roberts
  • Freya Costello
  • Poppy Baker
  • Charlotte Brown
  • Mabel Bryce-Kisby
  • Utkarsh Ravishankar
  • Vislyn So
  • Arushi Bhatt
  • Milly Roberts
  • Bel Thompstone
  • Isla Senior