Gardening Club

Wellington’s newly rebranded Gardening Club (formerly Grow Your Own Club) have had a very busy half term keeping the Science Department plants alive and healthy – kicking off with a very kind donation from Scott from the Canteen and his parents.

Amongst the donation were two extremely beautiful Christmas Cacti, a wonderful Jade Tree (also known as the money tree), Peace Lilies, a Humble Plant, Purple Shamrocks and an Aloe Vera plant in much need of a propagation. The Gardeners were immediately put to work splitting the Aloe pups into their more spacious homes. We now have NINE new Aloe Vera plants that we will be distributing around the Science Department before the Easter break! Thanks Scott!

Gardening Club Charlie very kindly brought in a seed mix of various indoor plants (mixed salad leaves, mixed herbs, basil and chives) which we planted before the half term break. Today new Gardening Club attendees Averie, Kelly and Candice helped Charlie plant on some of the more established seedlings into larger pots.

This week we also ventured into the school’s private garden – the first time this year! Needless to say, a cold winter and wet spring has left the garden needing some much-needed care and attention. Fingers crossed for some dry weather so we can get stuck in! In the meantime, our lasagne bulb pots are in full swing and look like they are about to be burst with some much-needed spring colours!

Dr Glass