This term our Year 10 students have been trying their hand at a range of writing forms – descriptive and narrative compositions, as well as articles expressing a viewpoint.

These are key skills assessed as part of the GCSE Language qualification.

At the conclusion of our studies, all pupils in the year entered a ‘Future Writers’ competition where they were given a range of topics on which to rant, rave, argue, to persuade, encourage, inspire their readers to take positive action. Each teacher selected the best in their class as a finalist. 

The finalists were:

  • Dekota Taylor
  • Bernard Kwong
  • Harrison Brookes
  • Pranithi Nithyanandan
  • Hannah Hevicon
  • Jess Bell
  • Calleigh Chatfield
  • George Hunter
  • Abbie Simpson
  • Katy Bowden-Whipp

All finalists’ work blew us away! From their fantastic efforts, the top three were selected for special prizes:

Pranithi’s article on the functionality of exams came 3rd; she received a book, a certificate and a book voucher worth £10

Katy’s article on the celebrity culture came 2nd; she also received a book, a certificate and a book voucher worth £10

Jess’ article on veganism and animal rights came 1st; for winning, Jess received a book, a certificate and a book voucher worth £20

Jess – our winner – is pictured here with her friend Matilda. Well done Jess!

Ms C Spencer Cruise