European Literature Society – Death in Venice by Thomas Mann

21st February

The ‘European Literature Society’ have been reading ‘Death in Venice’ by Thomas Mann. And there was a great discussion with tea and coffee and red-velvet cup-cakes. The students were fascinated by what was going on in this very odd tale of an aging author – Gustav Aschenbach – arriving in Venice at the start of the twentieth century, and what the author might possibly want us to think. The discussion centred on what advice Mann might be offering his reader: how best to live one’s life fully, how not to waste one’s life, and how to be honest with yourself about life and death. Death and aging are horrifying presences in this story, with Mann intent on filling the reader with dread. There is little hope for Aschenbach in the second half of the novella.

Next Meeting – Tuesday 12th March ion Room 24 at 3.00

Mr Ahern