Enterprise Challenge

Year 10 students battled it out on Tuesday and Wednesday to see which of them had the entrepreneurial skills to come out on top in our Enterprise Challenge careers event.

Students were each assigned a company role – engineer, MD, sales executive, marketing director – and worked as a team to create the most productive business.

Visitors from a host of companies acted as customers for the products which were manufactured by each team. While there is always one team which will finish top of the pile, all students got to grips with the realities of managing a business during the course of the day and got a taste for the realities of life in work. Pitching ideas, managing a balance sheet, reaching a consensus, working to a deadline, getting into (and out of) debt, relying on workmates and even bribing officials were some of the many skills developed during the competition.

Even if the products being manufactured and the large sums of cash being earned were not real, the experience certainly was. Well done Year 10!

Mr Holt