English – Future Writers Competition

To help Year 11 students hone their Viewpoint Writing skills in preparation for their English Language Paper 2 mock exam, each Year 11 student took part in our ‘Future Writers’ competition. For the competition, students wrote an article where they gave their viewpoint on a specific topic or issue.   

The standard of writing across the year was very pleasing and this bodes well for the upcoming mock exams. A winner from each class was selected and these winners then went forward to a prize draw to win a gift card as a reward for their efforts.   

The winners from each class were Poppy Milne, Sofia Popplewell, Esme Frost, Natalie Tranter, Flint Eddy, Nekita Kennedy, Lucas Moolla, Phoebe Jolly, Jack-Bosco Cummins and Samuel Heap.

The winners of the prize draw were Sofia Popplewell, Samuel Heap and Phoebe Jolly, who will all receive a gift card in recognition of their achievements.   

Well done to all and good luck to all of Year 11 in your mock examinations.  

Mr Williams