Miss Foster and Mrs Simpson share their thoughts on how drama is doing as we approach the end of ‘its’ first ever term at Wellington; “Apologies that we haven’t written in a while! We have been super busy with our newest adventure here in the drama department. For 3 weeks now, 46 year7-9 students have been attending Wellington Youth Theatre which is our new after school club on a Tuesday from 3.05pm-4.05pm. Students have been working incredibly hard in the one hour sessions and have been demonstrating high levels of focus and commitment to drama. The Year 9 students in particular have been role models for our younger WYT members and have embraced each workshop with confidence and trust in myself, Mrs Simpson and Miss Spencer. Students in Year 9 have told me they are considering opting for GCSE drama and are attending WYT to help prepare them for the course. A great example of students who are taking responsibility for their learning! The number of students consistently attending and the level of noise all 46 make (sorry Mr Beeley!) is real indication, in our opinion, of how successful drama is becoming here at Wellington School.

As a side note, I would like to highlight one particular student who seriously impressed me this week; students in Year 7 have been looking at Roald Dahl stories this half term and have been exploring the characterisation of some of our most loved children’s characters. Harry Attack in 7Y2, without any rehearsal, perfectly portrayed the terrifying and angry personality of the scary Miss Trunchbull. He showed high levels of confidence and accuracy throughout his improvisation and to demonstrate the level of skill that he did at this early stage in the academic year is a real credit to Harry’s work ethic and commitment in lesson. Really well done Harry!

Mrs Simpson’s year 7s have also got a selection of fantastic Roald Dahl characters who are coming out of the woodwork which is pleasing to see. Year 7 have performed exceptionally well this half term and I am hoping for great things from their performance assessments next week. Good luck and keep working hard!”

Yes, I was aware of a little noise emanating from the Vale Hall each Tuesday evening; in fact, that’s my siesta time so if you wouldn’t mind piping down a touch … otherwise, we might have to revert to mime.