Dodgeball Champions!

On Thursday our Regional U13s Dodgeball Champions headed to Stoke for the National Dodgeball Finals against 13 other schools from across the country.

The team have gone through all of the competitions from local to regional and remained undefeated, so our expectations were set incredibly high. 

Our league for the day saw us competing against our biggest rivals, however, our team stood firm and came away with a 9-3 victory. This set the standard for our day, with us winning our 2 other league games 12-0 and 10-2. 

The quarter finals came and again our team, led by Mikey, showed their class and outstanding abilities and came away with an 8-4 win. 

The way the other finals ran meant we were up against our biggest rivals again in the final. We were quietly confident given our previous performance against the team, but we didn’t let it go to our heads and played to our strengths. The game was over after the 4th set, so we were able to enjoy the final 2 sets and give every member of the team more game time. The final score was 8-4 to Wellington! Our undefeated run remaining intact and we were crowned the Under 13s National Dodgeball Champions!

Our students were fantastic on the day – not just performance wise but also attitude and behaviour wise. They represented the school to the high standard we are known for and did themselves and the school proud. Well done everyone and a massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Bailey for coming and helping to organise the team. 

Miss Challinor