Chris Warburton Visit

We were delighted to be joined by the BBC presenter Chris Warburton this week, as he came to share his insight and experiences on a career in the media with Year 10 and Year 12 students.  

Chris spoke to the students about some of his most memorable experiences during his career, such as interviewing Boris Johnson whilst jogging and causing the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu to shout ‘Yippee!’ on live radio! He spoke about the skills and attributes that are needed for students to be successful if they aspire to work in the media and also gave great advice on what they can do to give themselves an advantage in this ultra-competitive industry. The students particularly enjoyed the Q&A session with Chris at the end of the session – Chris later tweeted that they were “Great questions from a great group!” 

Thank you to the students who attended for showing Chris the best of Wellington – and thanks also to Chris for giving up his time to share his invaluable insights into working in the media.  

Mr Williams