Chester Zoo Trip

On Friday 15th September, 53 Psychology students embarked out on an adventure to Chester Zoo.  We took part in a Primate Behaviour workshop looking aspects of animal Psychology such as Classical Conditioning and Attachments with both the Orangutans and the Chimps, we were even lucky enough to get a little look at the newest member of the Orangutans family! Students were given some free time to roam the Zoo and seeing a wide variety of different animals on the day. Some staff even braved the bat cave with the students, where the was a few close calls with the bats!
Year 11 Psychology were an absolute delight to take and really enjoyed their day, they truly are a credit to our Wellington Community.
Many thanks to Mrs Taylor-Crooke, Miss Swords and Mrs Burgess for taking the time out of their busy schedules to make this day happen!
Miss Doggett