Unsurprisingly, Wellington School (in the form of the three colleagues listed below) was asked to present to other schools and providers in Trafford on our ‘Careers Education Programme’.

Mrs Mackay reports; “We were asked to do this presentation because we are regarded as an excellent example of ‘good practice’ for the implementation of the Statutory Guidelines to Careers Education throughout the School.  Mrs Taylor-Crooke, John Plaiter, the School’s Connexions Careers Advisor, and I worked together to give all present a comprehensive insight into each year group’s programme of events during a school year, plus the cross curricular involvement. Being the only school present to have been awarded the ‘Gold Inspiring I.A.G.’ award and indeed the re-accreditation for the Gold award this year, we were very proud to present to such a captive audience.”
I hadn’t realised until Mrs Mackay submitted this report that we were the only school to hold this award.  What a fabulous achievement.  This comes at a cost but one that’s very much worth it as we endeavour to best prepare all our students for the ‘next phase’ whenever and wherever that may be.  Thank you and congratulations to all the staff involved in the delivery of our Careers programme, particularly those mentioned; it is very much appreciated.