Bowdon Parish Church Choir

Thank you to Joanna Williams who has contacted the school on behalf of the choir of St Mary’s Parish Church, Bowdon, to let us know about an amazing opportunity for any budding choristers. If your child applies then please let us know, if you’d like any support with the application then once again please let us know.

I am getting in touch on behalf of the choir of St Mary’s Parish Church, Bowdon, Altrincham. The choir has an excellent reputation for the breadth and quality of our music and, under the guidance of our musical director, Michael Dow, is one of the best parish choirs in the north of England. 

We are keen to develop young singers and a year ago we started a scholarship scheme for more advanced singers aged 14-19. Its success has led us to renew the initiative this year. Selection is based on enthusiasm and experience, ability to read music and an audition. The scheme will pay the selected singers £100 per term, which will be dependent on commitment. Students who apply and are not granted a scholarship will still be very welcome to join us, and will be eligible in future years if they show sufficient progress in their skills. 

We would therefore be very grateful if you would share this link with any students you think might like to try for a scholarship with us:

Mrs Moorhouse