#Beewell Manchester University Young researcher programme

I am super excited that 5 of our Year 10 Psychology and/or Statistics students, Oliver Freer, Aiza Iqbal, Joshua Salt, Rose Selwood-Metcalfe and Jodie Stevenson were lucky enough to be involved with this once in a lifetime research programme at such a young age (this is our second year of being involved).   #BeeWell is a programme led by the University of Manchester, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Anna Freud Centre that seeks to measure young people’s wellbeing and, in collaboration with schools and partner organisations, deliver positive change as a result. The #BeeWell survey will help to embed long-term improvements in wellbeing by finding the right way to support young people’s wellbeing across Greater Manchester.

The Young Researchers Programme is a five-part course that introduces Year 10 pupils to the world of academic research, with a focus on wellbeing. The course introduced pupils to key concepts and helped to equip them with basic skills in measurement and statistical analysis. The course also gave pupils the opportunity to get hands on with the #BeeWell data analysis – interrogating the results and shaping future research carried out by the University of Manchester team.

The sessions took part out of school hours, so this really is a testament to their commitment, not only to Psychology and statistics but the greater good of the cause. I am super proud.  The future of Psychology, research and the Wellbeing of our Wellington Community is most certainly in good hands.

On Tuesday 11th June, they were invited to a presentation evening.  The students got to visit the incredible University of Manchester’s Data Visualisation Observatory. After five sessions of exploring the data with the #BeeWell team, this trip allowed our students to see the data in a different way, using 3D technologies to become immersed in the findings.

The trip was the culmination of the Young Researcher Programme, celebrating the amazing research that has taken place so far and the fantastic contributions of every member of the group.

Throughout the programme, the Young Researchers explored the relationships between friendships and social support, home environment, stress and coping, and gender from the #BeeWell data. The data was shared in a creative way, and the students took part in workshops and activities during the session to help shape the research moving forwards.

Mrs Taylor-Crooke

Designated Mental Health Lead