Art News

Mrs Kearney with this Art news:

“It’s so fantastic to see our students get so excited about Art.

At break time on Monday, Isabel Hornby in Year 8 ran to tell me that she posted a picture of her work which she completed in class on her Instagram page (this was reposted from our wellingtonschool_artdepartment Instagram page).

She tagged in the Artist, Shell Rummel who we were studying in class and to Isabel’s amazement, the artist personally responded by saying how beautiful the art work was.

Shell Rummel is an award-winning artist from Washington, D.C. She is well known for her refined colour palette, free flowing lines and her authentic use of materials and pattern. As well as this, she designs wallpapers and textiles for some major retailers including Anthropolgie and Wayfair.  

Now if that wasn’t exciting enough, on Wednesday Evening Rummel posted a photograph of our art work on her own social media account and wrote the following:

“#somethingbeautiful … My heart is full :))~ Earlier this week, I was tagged in a post by 12-year-old. The art class at her Secondary school across the pond @wellingtonschool_artdepartment was creating art works based on one of my originals. Scroll 👈to see her fantastic work in the middle of the first image, a beautiful assortment from the class in image two, and my original watercolor, ink and embroidered piece that apparently inspired the lesson:) My art is at the heart of all I create and is the foundation for all the products I design. Such a lovely gift to know and see so tangibly how my lines, layers, color sense and textural play inspire others! Warm thanks to Mrs Kearney and her artists, for honoring me so beautifully. Can’t wait to see more:)) xx #shellrummel #create #watercolors #watercolours #inspire #artclass #gratitude”

The post has had hundreds of likes from people all over the world.

Thank you to Isabel for linking with the artist.”