A roll-call of our English Heroes!

This is a shout-out to those students of English who go the extra mile, put in lots of elbow grease and shine like stars. Lots of figurative language for you all, there! 

  • Mrs Simpson would like to celebrate Harrison Brookes for his increasingly mature approach to English, this has led to him making some excellent progress!
  • Mrs Collinge wants to say ‘Well done!’ to Georgia Riordan for some fantastic examination results!
  • Mrs Sheehan has been really impressed by Erin Hewitt for her resilience, positive attitude and conscientiousness!
  • I have been delighted by Calleigh Chatfield whose enthusiasm in class recently resulted in a deeply impressive Shakespeare essay!
  • Mr Williams has really enjoyed teaching Matthew Walsh whose classwork and classroom contributions make him an exemplary student!
  • Miss Spencer has been so pleased with Louis Vasseur‘s engagement with The Tempest; he’s really taken this tricky topic in his stride!
  • Mrs McDonnell would like to celebrate Thea Jeffries who has shown exceptional endeavour and oracy in class – expressing her ideas confidently!
  • Miss McCann also wishes to salute someone with fantastic articulacy: Matt Cutler. He has really impressed this half-term!
  • Mrs Fletcher wants to say ‘Bravo!’ to Bernard Kwong for has brilliant approach to his GCSEs; already – in Y10 – he’s writing extra essays to push himself!
  • Miss Hitchens is chuffed with Jacob Roberts‘ excellent contextual knowledge shown studying A Level Literature!
  • Finally, Miss Tedford has been really happy with the work of Dilara Gencer – she’s really shining in her class!

You can see all our English Half-Term Heroes on the board outside room 8 in the Vale building.

Ms Spencer-Cruise