7X1 English

This news from Mrs Sheehan about Year 7 English:

“Over the past few English lessons, 7X1 have been working very hard on their Shakespeare projects and have produced some excellent results. Working in small groups, they were each given a topic to research on Shakespeare, his life and works. When all research had been collected, they then selected a pop song and they had to re-write the lyrics to include all the facts they had learnt about their topic. When lyrics had been written, they had to choreograph dance moves and learn all their words. A very big challenge but the performances were fantastic! The class then voted for winners in five different categories:

Best Dance Moves: Esme Aldridge, Evie Cummins, Jennifer Lewis

Best Information: Nancy Selwood-Metcalfe, Rosie Bradley, Abigail Dixon

Best Group Participation: William Bourke, Osama Kharouf, Isaac Povey

Most Original: Shaun Bailey, Jake Hughes, Josh Wilson

Overall Winner: Emilia Allcroft, Mary Pusey, Katie Tidbury

Well done to all the class – they were amazing!”

[vimeo_video id=”4934″]