Warhammer Club

Warhammer Club ran again this week – our third meeting of the year! We have been so popular on a Thursday lunchtime that the beleaguered Mr Crabbe and Mr Ashfield have barely had time to eat lunch, let alone take pictures of all the different activities! There seem to be some really keen beans who already have armies up and running, looking out for a primer on the new rules before they are ready to get stuck into after-school battles! The veterans have also returned, writing lists for the upcoming Wellington Leviathan Campaign. Here is a quick snap of our drying box after this Thursday lunchtime – you can see that quite a few youngsters have built their first model and a few have even managed to get their first layer of black undercoat on there!
Benjamin Meyer and Saafi Islam will be meeting on Friday after school for their second intro game, hopefully with photos to follow!
Mr Ashfield