Years 8 and 9 – Practical Assessments – Cooking and Nutrition

As we approach the end of the first technology rotation pupils in Years 8 and 9 have been taking part in the final practical assessment for Cooking and Nutrition.

Year 8 have been researching and learning to make Mediterranean style cuisine with pupils cooking Cous Cous Salad, Chorizo Soup, Pizza and Meskouta (Moroccan Orange Cake) before going on to make a final Mediterranean dish of their own choice.

Year 9’s topic this year has been Asia, Africa and The Americas. Pupils were encouraged to gather their own research on their chosen continent as well as researching five recipes before planning, preparing and cooking their final dish.

A wide range of dishes have been made across both year groups and it has been pleasing to see the high level of commitment from all pupils involved. Even better has been when the pupils have tasted their products and have impressed themselves with their culinary skills.

A massive well done to all our KS3 chefs – great work.

Mrs Ryan