Wellington Wellbeing Leaders/Kooth Champions

On Monday 30th January we had the launch of our new Wellington Wellbeing Leaders/Kooth Champion scheme.  It is our vision that the young people will be the voice of the school.  The team will meet with myself and Kooth once per half term to share concerns around mental health but will most importantly play a vital role in disseminating key information across the school about mental health and wellbeing. 

As a team they will generate a ‘Wellie Wellbeing’ newsletter. This will answer any questions students have asked, will share key information from Kooth and will be a general source of information.  Our representative from Kooth, who attended our first session, was overwhelmed by the maturity and enthusiasm of our new leaders.  I am so excited to be part of this journey with them.  Let’s do our best to raise awareness and help our whole school community.  If anybody has any ideas/recommendations for what they might like to be included in our first issue, please get in touch. 😊

Mrs Taylor-Crooke, Designated Mental Health Lead