Warhammer Club


Warhammer Club has still been swinging over the last three weeks despite being quiet on the newsletter front. Key helpers during lunchtimes have been Isla Senior, Anna Vaniak, and Jensen Boyd, working hard at building our scenery collection to use in battles. 

Following the launch of Games Workshop’s new 10th Edition box, we were lucky enough to secure a set and the veterans were really excited to see it opened up for examination. This will form a large part of our modelling and painting focus for the next year! 

Battle Report 29/06/23 

 In a change to our usual format, this week the combined might of two of our generals confronted a Tyranid horde in an attempt to take down the great devourer of worlds. Jasper Welton’s Imperial Guard Cadian Division had been reinforced with the mighty Imperial Space Marines under the command of Colum Parker. 

The combined Imperial forces set up a strong defensive line across the battle field and in their first turn advanced forwards, taking up position in a trench for cover. Deployed along the line were several large mechanised units of the Astra Militarum and it was Jasper’s tank commander who spotted the Tyranid horde approaching. 

The Tank Commander had the feared relic, Gatekeeper, at his disposal and he ordered his men to unleash the fury of this mighty cannon. The shells slammed into the Tyranid Hive Tyrant but as they did, an otherworldly glow pulsated around the monstrous creature absorbing much of the blast – the Tyranid Zoanthropes were emitting a field of concentrated warp energy acting as a shield. Unperturbed by this, the forces of the Imperium opened fire along their lines and under a torrent of bolter and las rounds Tyranid bodies fell, their acidic bioplasma vaporising into noxious smog which hung low across the battlefield. At the end of the Imperial force’s first turn there had been heavy Tyranid losses amongst the Hormagaunts, and the Hive Tyrant was heavily wounded. The Imperial forces had also moved onto three objective markers securing three victory points, a productive turn for our young generals. 

At the start of the Tyranid turn, things were looking bleak but the hive mind knows no fear. The menacing creatures advanced forwards with frightening pace as they bounded forwards; the hive mind unleashed its fury in the form of psychic powers smite and neuroparasite taking heavy casulaties in both Guard and Marine units and more Hormagaunts spawned from spores left from the carcasses of the fallen. The Hive Tyrant was in range of an Imperial transport carrying more Cadian Shock troops and performed a thunderous charge against it, making short work of the transport. Further Cadian losses were taken when the Tyranid warriors charged the entrenched line pushing them back. The Tyranids ended their turn with three victory point so the game ended up a draw.  

Looking Forwards 

Miniature collecting and wargaming can be an expensive hobby when you factor in all of the tools and paints required, so we are very appreciative of the support from Mr Holt in funding this club, which lets Wellington students get stuck into all aspects of this wonderful hobby without having to worry about the price. We have a full set of paints, glues, models (whole armies) and battlefield terrain (made by students) that would be the envy of any hobby veteran! Despite this year’s success we have big plans to continue growing the club from September, adding another army (or two) to the collection, sourcing new MDF scenery to build, and even beginning work on a full gaming table! Make sure to come along to see what’s available, it’s fun to make models, wage mini wars, and new friends!  

Next week something stirs… come along to Room 29 during Wellyfest if you want to take part in the biggest 40K battle in Wellington history!