RE Trip to the University of Manchester

Last week, 40 GCSE Full Course and A Level Religious Studies students had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the University of Manchester’s animal research facilities. Whilst adhering to strict safety protocols, students were given a thorough ‘behind the scenes’ tour by researchers at the university. We met sheep who have pace makers fitted to try to treat heart failure, rats used in behavioural studies, zebra fish with translucent brains and more baby mice than you can shake a stick at.

Following the tour, students did a very good job of grilling Dr Ian Brassington, senior lecturer in Philosophy and a member of the University’s Ethics Board. We are immensely grateful to the University of Manchester for giving both staff and students this opportunity to see the reality of animal testing facilities. Many students have now gained a deeper understanding of this complex moral issue.

Miss Crump