Project in a Day: Year 7 and Year 8 

Project in a Day is back! And this year we ran the event for both Year 7 and Year 8! On Tuesday and Friday, each year group completed one of twelve projects hosted by a multitude of staff. From Crime Scene Investigates, to Crochet for a Day, to a performance of Grease, and of course a Harry Potter-themed Potions Class, the pupils had an abundance of projects to choose from. There were a number of projects linked to wellbeing and Mindfulness too: especially in the creative arts. We even had a cup of tea and jam sandwiches at a Platinum Jubilee street party!  A thank you also to our local magistrates for supporting our mock trial with an incredibly informative talk on both days.

The pupils were exceptional on both days and I can’t thank the staff involved enough – many of room ran projects on both days. It was truly wonderful have this event BACK! Of course, even more staff got involved with some fabulous cameos in our music videos and Mr. Fenwick and Mr. Tomlinson being as competitive as ever trying to escape our Wellyfest Escape Room.

The projects were linked to our Platinum ArtsMark Award journey also given it’s the 20th Anniversary of the award and we have submitted our work to their ‘A Day to Create’ gallery. Thank you also to the Trafford Community Engagement Project who supported us with a grant to provide resources and prizes for the day! 

Well done Year 7 and Year 8! 

Miss Hitchens