PE Extra-Curricular

We have had another successful year so far with our Football and Netball teams – here are our current positions in cup competitions and league places and this week’s below.


Trafford League

Year 7 2nd in Trafford League (if Sale G win remaining fixtures)

Year 8 3rd in Trafford League

Year 9 Trafford league winners

Year 11 2nd in Trafford league

Trafford Cup 

Year 8 through to quarter finals

Year 11 through to semi finals

Greater Manchester Schools Cup 

Year 7 winners


Year 7

7A – 2nd in Trafford League / 3rd in Trafford Tournament

7B – 2nd in Trafford League

7C – 4th Trafford league 

Year 8

8A – 1st Trafford League

8B – 1st Trafford League 

8C- 3rd  Trafford League 

Year 9

9A – 1st Trafford League /2nd in end of season Tournament / 3rd in Manchester League 

9B – 1st Trafford League 

Year 10

10A 2nd Trafford League 

Year 11

11A 3rd in Trafford Tournament