English Department News

“Last week saw World Book Day and entries are still flowing in to Miss Spencer who organised this year’s KS3 competition and lessons, taking images to inspire writing. We look forward to seeing who the winners are!

Winners have already been announced for Ms Roe’s annual Character Hunt. A massive congratulations to Jacob Grant (7DMY) and Fern Morgan (7GBN) in Y7 who have received some lovely early Easter treats! Thanks to all involved.

Meanwhile, the fortnight of GCSE English Literature ‘masterclasses’ began for Year 11. On Thursday, Miss Hitchens led a session with around 200 pupils on ‘Macbeth’. The attendance was fantastic (although one or two missing!) and hopefully pupils feel they can all incorporate some top-end ideas in their writing. Meanwhile, Miss Spencer led the session on ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ with 11.0 – the wealth of A Level standard ideas shared will benefit the pupils no-end. Next Thursday, sessions on ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and ‘Frankenstein’ will all take place from 3.15-4.15pm.”