“The eco-committee have been busy working behind the scenes to help Wellington School become eco-school accredited” writes Miss Jones.

“Over the past couple of weeks they have implemented some great ideas.

·         The majority of classrooms now have a pen recycling pot so that these can be collected and taken to our nearest pen recycling Terracycle station. We will also soon have our own Terracycle station for glue sticks. Departments use so many pens and glue sticks, so these initiatives will really help to reduce our non-recycled waste.

·         We have also launched a ‘Re-love our stuff’ stall! This will take place between 4pm and 7pm in the Vale Hall on Tuesday 10th March. It will be a chance for pupils, parents, teachers and members of the community to come along and buy second hand clothes, books, DVDs, games etc… The environmental impact of the fashion industry is starting to be more widely recognised, and buying second hand is a great way to reduce this.

If anyone would like to donate any items for the stall, please drop them off at the office FAO: Miss Jones. Any items would be greatly appreciated!”