Year 8 Planetarium Visit

This week we were very lucky to have the planetarium back in school after a short hiatus.

Dave Buttery of Auriga Astronomy was our host over the 2 days this week. The Year 8s as well as some of our Year 11 & 12 Physicists and Hive students were treated to shows, telling us about the life cycles of stars, the Apollo and Artemis missions, the work done at CERN, what it takes to be an astronaut and how we are all made of remnants of stars. We also had 60 Year 5 students from Navigation Road come to visit us for a show as well! Our host commented on how well behaved and enthusiastic the students were and he was incredibly impressed by the calibre of questions being asked. Hopefully, we have managed to inspire one of them to become a future astronaut!

Ms Lee