Year 9 REP

Mr Harrison reports:

“This week Year 9 were invited to watch a performance and take part in a workshop centred on the idea of radicalisation and the dangers that radical views can pose to society. The workshop was run by OddArts who did a fabulous job engaging our pupils with a dramatic performance and a question and answer session, where pupils learnt about the signs of radicalisation and discussed the idea of radical views more broadly. All Year 9 pupils who took part in the performance reflected on the idea of radicalisation in their REP lessons this week and discussed the causes, signs and things that can be done to prevent radicalisation. The REP department would like to thank all who took part in what was a very hard hitting workshop and hope that the lesson allowed more time for all pupils to reflect on the performance in more depth. Thank you Year 9 for your levels of engagement and maturity when dealing with a sensitive and emotive topic, particularly in light of recent events. It is vitally important that as a school community we stand together against negative views and as a collective create an open environment where pupils feel safe and secure. During the reflection lessons this week and from the feedback received from the performance, it is clear that Wellington has this strong sense of community and this year group are very much part of this. Well done Year 9!”