Year 9 Netball

This report from Mrs Thomson:

“Last Thursday evening the Year 9 netball team attended a fixtures tournament, travelling to ACA to play against Flixton, Sale Grammar and ACA.  Unfortunately, Flixton cancelled so it was just the two matches to complete the league fixture on a high. As ever the work ethic of this team was superb, even in such bitter weather.  Confident of winning both games the Year 9s challenged themselves with a goal difference target which they more than achieved in both games.  Final scores saw Wellington on top with an 11-4 win against ACA and 11-2 to beat Sale Grammar.  Excellent shooting on our part despite rapidly fading light, with Jemma Cave – elected ‘Girl of the Game’ in both matches- serving some on point feeds into the circle.  Our defence was a credit – Charlotte Christian’s opponents saw little of the ball and Ashley Dawber pulled off some jaw dropping interceptions. Well done to everyone who played.  An absolute credit to Wellington School!”