Year 9 English

Miss Hitchens with this:

“I am really excited to teach Year 9 this year and loving my lessons with 9.8. Today, analysing the description of the bunkhouse in Chapter Two from Of Mice and Men, the pupils offered some phenomenal responses. The standard was not just GCSE insight but A Level insight.

So excited by the quality, Miss Hitchens quickly typed up the ideas with the pupils’ help so they could take it home to show their parents and carers! Here’s what was produced:

Steinbeck symbolises the cards by making them represent the risks and the dreams the men hope to win. However, they are ‘littered’ which firstly suggests their chances are slim but also connotes the frustration the men feel when their dreams don’t come true. Steinbeck uses further symbolism to explore hope: ‘the small square windows’ show the men the little bit of land they hope for but present it behind a wall, showing they can’t reach their dreams. Of course, Steinbeck also implies here that it would be difficult to see in, representing how little the plight of migrant workers bothered people at the time.

The pupils have also promised to read this bulletin because of it, doubling the readership at least [sorry Mr. Beeley!]

Well done 9.8!”