Year 9 Employers Workshop – 09.11.17

Mr Holt with this Careers news:

“Sixty lucky Year 9 students today had the opportunity to contemplate their future!

 Eight visitors from different sectors of the working economy worked with small groups to inform and inspire our students ahead of their GCSE option choices later this year. There was a professional working atmosphere throughout the morning as our Year 9s investigated their possible future pathways and received valuable advice on subjects as wide-ranging as interview technique and how to persuade your university flat mates to empty an overflowing bin!

 While University and the world of work may seem like a dot on the horizon to some of our Year 9 students at the moment, it is important that those skills which will stand them in good stead for the future are embedded as early as possible. As always our students listened, reflected, asked tough questions, and ultimately came away more informed than before.”