Year 9 Drama

“Year 9 have started a new path within their drama lessons and have embarked on some Project Based Learning” writes Mrs Hamlin. “This scheme of work is modelled on the Year 10 component 1 exam and is designed to prepare Year 9 students who are opting for drama/performing arts to transition to the demands of the GCSE and BTEC courses with ease. It is also catering for those students who are not opting for drama as they have the opportunity to develop some new skills which they haven’t yet studied in drama.

At the start of this unit of work, students were asked to pick a specialism that they were interested in. The choices were: acting, lighting, sound and music, costume, makeup and hair, set and props. Students who are opting for drama Year 10 have been encouraged to select acting but on the whole, students are encouraged to choose a specialism which is going to interest them and encourage them to develop their chose skill. Some students have even asked that if they become skilled in their specialism if they can support school productions and be trained up for school events in the future. Year 9 have really taken to this independent way of working which involves them working in production companies as a large team and the technical students will provide their specialism when the actors perform. Everything will come together like a professional production would.

Some of the collaborations, initial ideas and practical explorations are really starting to take off as student’s experiment with the resources we have within the department. They are about to start doing independent research to enhance their skills and train themselves to operate each specialism with technical ability and skill.

Here are some examples of the work 9.0 have been doing. Well done Year 9!”