Year 9 Careers Carousel – 24.01.18

“Our latest careers event focussed on Year 9 students this week as they prepare to take their GCSE options” writes Mr Holt. “On Wednesday, the whole year group operated on a carousel which involved eight different activities and inputs which were all geared towards enhancing students’ understanding of the options process and future pathways beyond GCSEs. Scary stuff for some students and parents as they realise they are now half way through the Key Stage 3/4 journey!

Visitors from Manchester College and Trafford College, the Department for Work and Pensions, Engineering companies and the NHS delivered advice on various pathways including apprenticeships and vocational work, while our own Sixth Formers delivered sessions on what might follow GCSEs for those students who stay with us to study A Levels. All valuable information as our Year 9s ponder their immediate future.

Packing such a lot into a short space of time proved to be both rewarding and exhausting for both staff and students alike. But alongside other bespoke events over the next couple of weeks, the carousel certainly went some way to helping students with their option choices.”