Year 9 Careers – 21.06.17

“On Wednesday we held a Year 9 Employers Workshop – Connecting Subjects to Jobs” writes Mrs Mackay.

“A group of 28 Year 9 students followed in the footsteps of another Year 9 group who had already participated in this event in March 2017.  These students spent 2 lessons working with employers looking at Employability Skills, Industry and Logistics to name but a few. They also discussed how their school subjects are linked to jobs in the future and how certain skills were necessary to progress in a career.

During these sessions the students were given the opportunity to work with other students that they would not have necessarily worked with before, discuss issues in groups, ask employers questions and lots more.

This was a very valuable experience for our students, in that they were actually working with employers and were able to relate school life to the wider world.

Our students, once again, did us proud and we would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to those employers who gave up their time freely to come into school and work with our students.”