Year 8 History

Mr Gerschler writes:

“Year 8 Historians have been completing a project about life under the rule of the British Empire. They had 5 weeks to select a task from the list below and then complete their task.

1. Create a board  game to show the growth of the British Empire in Africa. Include instructions to explain your game. 

2. Write a diary as if you were an Australian aborigine alive in the 19th Century. Include at least 10 different entries across your life.

3. Pick a country that was part of the Empire in 1910. Explain how that country has changed over the last 100 years.

4. Imagine you could open a museum about British India. Find 20 artefacts that you would exhibit in the museum. Include information to explain your choices.

5. Create a set of 20 Top Trumps cards showing information about important individuals linked to the British Empire.

We had some fantastic, creative pieces of work produced. Special praise goes to Shaun Bailey’s Africa board game, Cameron Dashti’s unique take on Risk, Josh Evans and Liam Stuckey’s Top Trumps game and Marla Charvin and Isabel Brown’s British Empire-opoly. We had a brilliant time trying all of the games out this week! Well done Year 8!”