Year 8 English

Miss Tedford with this Year 8 English update:

“Year 8 pupils are working hard to prepare for their writing examination next week. Many pupils are focusing on using a wider range of punctuation in their writing, including more ambitious vocabulary or using different sentence types for effect. Inspired by a variety of images, pupils in 8X1 have produced some fantastic description/narrative work, which I believe will prepare them well for next week’s examination. I wish all of 8X1 the best of luck! Below, is a description by some of the pupils in this class:

Yousif Ibrahim of 8SYG writes ‘I walked into the dark shadows of the abandoned station with fear and anxiety striking in my heart. The sunlight faded; the room started shaking- completely knocking me off my feet…’

Natalie Sparks of 8HCR writes ‘Heart pounding. Feet thudding. Breath speeding. Although I was scared, I ran in a blaze of panic through the darkened streets. The stars shone above me: bright and pale. Staring at me, glaring at me; anticipating my every move.’

Awena Owen of 8ESD writes ‘The brooding presence of the skeletal trees seemed to prevent much sunlight escaping through from the canopy. I was starting to feel an ebbing pain creeping up my spine from the uncomfortable position I was holding, as a pathetic attempt to conceal myself from Them. That’s how it always was now. Us against Them; all part of a dangerous (and lugubrious) game…’

I wish all of 8X1 the best of luck!”