Year 8 Astronaut Visit

Miss Lee with this trip report:

“On Thursday, 25 lucky Year 8 students were invited to listen to British born astronaut Mike Foale talk about his time in space.  Mike had travelled especially from his home in Colorado to visit us in Manchester and started off with explaining how he came to be an astronaut. Despite not always being the best in school and having been rejected from the RAF AND the NASA Space program THREE times, he overcame all of this to be one of NASA’s mostly highly respected astronauts to date. He showed us some personal “home videos” that he made for his children whilst in Space and told us of his adventures on MIR as well as its dramatic collision and subsequent repair job. Two of our students, Natalie Sparks and Awena Owen, were very lucky to have their questions answered in the Q&A session too.  Hopefully, this has inspired a few future astronauts amongst them!”