Year 7 Parent and Student Mathematics Modelling Evening – Thursday 14th November

This news from Mrs Golden on behalf of the Maths Department:

“This is the 5th annual ‘Year 7 Maths Modelling Evening’ where Maths teachers and sixth formers modelled strategies to understand negative numbers, multiplication and ratio to selected Year 7 parents and students. The aim of the evening was to allow parents and their children to work together to solve mathematic problems. We hope that parents will continue to work with their children at home using the maths resources provided and their children’s weekly homework sheets.

Some fantastic feedback was received from parents: ‘Enjoyed wondering through practical maths problems. Really easy to follow’; ‘I have learnt some valuable tools to help my autistic son with his maths homework’; ‘Lovely staff, very encouraging, especially the 6th formers who made maths fun’; ‘The use of hot and cold cubes to explain’ negative numbers in ’maths was a good idea’. When asked were your expectations met this evening? one parent wrote ‘It exceeded them’. The Mathematics Department would like to thank those that attended and a special thank you goes to the 6th formers who tirelessly engaged with parents and students.

We were pleased that both parents and students gained so much from the evening and are already working on a follow-up evening.”