Year 7 Netball

Miss Kelly reports on the latest fixtures:

“After the last round of league fixtures, the Year 7 girls knew they were going to have to work hard in their second round of fixtures to stand any chance of becoming champions or in a top position. We are still waiting for the final results, but after 4 outstanding performances there is hope for finishing 1st or 2nd place in this year’s Trafford schools Netball League. 

The first match was against Urmston Grammar, who had previously beaten Wellington in round one.  Natalie Tranter and Sophie Neary settled well into the game putting up and scoring shots from a range of distances.  The girls in mid court were fantastic with their timing and holding space which allowed them, with ease to transfer the ball into our shooters who were being tightly marked by Urmston’s defence.  Lacey Tidman and Chloe Bedicer worked in great partnership, making it very difficult for the Urmston shooters.  Chloe Bedicer picked up numerous interceptions, stopping the ball in right places, which allowed us to take a comfortable lead and finish the game with a 3-1. 

Our next game was going to be a tough one, also losing to Flixton in round one, the girls knew they were going to have to play strong and make every pass count. Hannah Simms, Erica Trotter, Ellen Welby and Sophia Brocklehurst worked extremely hard in mid court, passing the ball between them to keep possession rather than force into our shooters who were again being tightly marked.  The girls kept strong and composed, marginally missing out on a last minute goal, finishing 2-2.

Swapping our Captain on, Nancy Pickles brought speed to our third match against Loreto, making fantastic passes into Natalie and Sophie who were unstoppable, scoring four fantastic goals.  Lacey Tidman and Katie Dixon stuck on their players, defending both passes and shots superbly, which kept Loreto’s goals down to 1.  A strong, whole team performance secured a 4-1 win.  Our finale game against Sale Grammar who we had previously beaten, caught the girls by surprise.  Despite all our careful passes and strong positioning, Sale Grammar played very well, their mid court made it difficult for an easy transfer between our players.  Missing out on another last second goal, this game ended with a respectable 2-2 draw.

All ten girls played fantastically well yesterday and deserved the results they came away with! They are a friendly. dedicated, hardworking team who will do very well in their future netball whilst at Wellington.

Player of the matches – Chloe Bedicer (GD)

A huge well done to all of the girls!”