Year 7 Netball

On Tuesday afternoon, nine fantastic Year 7 netballers played superbly in their school debut in a friendly match against Sale Grammar at home.

“The girls who played have shown great commitment to training and improving their abilities, which stood out throughout the game” writes Miss Kelly.  “We started strong, with our shooting duo Lucia Irving and Maggie Manson bringing the score quickly up to 3-1.  Hannah Simms played exceptionally well at Centre, flying into numerous interceptions and controlling the court by supporting and linking our defence and attacking players, Eleanor McCarthy and Eleanor Baker.

Despite tough defence from Phoebe Tuzio and Olivia Tarry, Sale were able to bring the score up to 5-5 at half time.

The second half started strong, subbing on Katie Evans, Phoebe Dunn-Barrett and Jess Hill who were able to quickly adjusted into position, maintaining lots of possession, which forced the opposition to switch up their defence tactics.

Unfortunately, despite fantastic efforts, the game ended 9-6 to Sale Grammar who did very well playing and shooting through cold fingers.  This team without doubt will continue to improve their netball through their hard work and dedication.

Very deservingly, Hannah Simms was selected player of the match by the other team.”