Year 7 Matilda Trip, Palace Theatre

Miss Hitchens with this trip report:

“On Wednesday, myself, Mr Williams, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Mildenstein took 58 Year 7 pupils to the Palace Theatre to see Matilda: the Musical.

The performance was unbelievable: Matilda was adorable and sassy; meanwhile, Miss Trunchbull was fantastically deplorable. Many pupils laughed at her philosophy that ‘all children are maggots’. Thankfully, she got her comeuppance.

Given the English department annually partake in a musical trip, this performance was right up there as one of the best. It also must be mentioned how brilliantly the pupils behaved; their manners were exceptional and it was thoroughly nice afternoon out!

The pupils are hopefully going to provide you with more details next week as they view to win T-Shirts, books and ‘Children are Maggots’ mugs for their efforts!

Well done Year 7!”