Year 7 Library Lessons

It has been a real delight to restart Year 7 library lessons again after a topsy-turvy year.

The students have impressed me with their enthusiasm for reading and for books; particularly popular are the Manga books and the super-hero graphic novels.

I hope this interest continues as they progress through the school; the LRC is always open for them to browse and perhaps find new genres and authors that excite them. I am in the process of updating our collection of books, so there will be many shiny new publications and new editions of old favourites available.  

Inevitably after school closures there are many overdue books that need to be returned to the LRC; understandably these books may have found their way onto bookshelves, under the bed, propping up the wonky leg on the coffee table. Please may I ask that you check if you have any hanging around.

Many thanks and enjoy your half term.

Ms Gilbert