Year 7 Heroes

“During Year 7’s previous ‘Remote Learning’ tasks, they were asked to learn about an important figure from History: Harriet Tubman” writes Miss Spencer.

I shan’t describe this amazing woman to you here – it is my hope that, following their home learning, your sons and daughters can describe her to you themselves.

In seeking to simultaneously celebrate this woman’s courage whilst empathising with her struggles, the students were set a writing task: to step into her shoes for a single day.

The standard was very high. The writing was exemplary. It was lovely to read our students’ work and to feel their beautiful, heartfelt empathy.

Well done to the following students whose compositions were selected as the best in their class by their class teachers:

  • Oscar Robinson (7A)
  • Jessica Bell (7E)
  • Sam Keep (7S)
  • Wesley Wilson (7R)
  • Liam Maye (7F)
  • Daniel Crosby (7T)
  • Megan Lynn (7O)
  • Ruby Sachak (7N)
  • Eddie Sanders (7I)

The following students were selected as the best in their year:

1st Jessica Bell

2nd Oscar Robinson

3rd Ruby Sachak

A prize will be posted out to them to further inspire and educate these bright wordsmiths!

Please take the time to read through our winning piece of literature by Jessica; it’s stunning.

I’d also like to share with you some artwork by Georgia Riordan. We didn’t ask our students to create art based on their stories – but Georgia felt inspired and made this.”

Jessica Bell Year 7 Winner