Year 13 REP

Mrs Stephens with this REP update:

“This week, Year 13 REP students have enjoyed either a ‘Scholars breakfast club or an afternoon tea party’ in their REP lesson. The topic to be explored was the nature and existence of the human conscience. Each student was asked to carry out some pre-reading and research before the lesson and arrive on the day as the Scholar they were representing.

During the lesson the scholars in attendance (including psychologists such as Freud, sociologists such as Durkheim and religious figures such as St Thomas Aquinas) sat and debated whether the conscience existed, where the conscience came from initially and how the conscience helps humans function in society. These deep conversations took place whilst enjoying tea, coffee, pastries, fruit and cake.

I was so impressed with the effort that had been put into the pre-reading and preparation for this lesson and also the way that students challenged each other’s opinions during the lesson. It was a very enjoyable way of helping the students get to grips with the key information and a lovely way to end the half term with such fantastic classes.

Keep up the hard work Year 13.”