Year 12 Media Studies trip to the British Film Institute in London – 06.06.18

Mr Gorman with this trip report:

“A group of 10 students, accompanied by myself and Mrs Simpson, made the journey to London for a study day at the BFI. The aim of the course was to explore the media genre of Long Form Television Drama. We have been studying ‘Homeland’ and ‘The Killing’ this term, so the day provided us with an excellent opportunity to cement what we already knew, as well as developing new ideas about target audiences and the social, cultural, political, historical and economic contexts behind this type of programme.

We arrived at Piccadilly Station, bright and breezy, at 7am – it was a long day as we did not return until 9pm that evening! The day was full and eventful and extremely useful in preparation for next summer’s A-level exam. There was a thorough analysis and discussion of ‘Stranger Things’, as well as insightful and illuminating points about the Danish drama ‘The Killing’. The afternoon session was far more relaxing as we watched a full episode from the last series of ‘The Game of Thrones’. This was then followed by a final session with the actor Jack Dempsie (who plays Gendry in GOT, as well as the much loved character of Chris in Skins). The hour long session provided a fascinating insight into the life of an actor – paradoxically both exciting and mundane – as well as top tips on how to break into the industry: work hard, be tough-skinned, do not take no for an answer – and be lucky!

The journey home started with a walk along Southbank, taking in such sights as the Millenium Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern Gallery and The Golden Hind ship on which Captain Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world between 1577 and 1580. We also passed The Clink, London’s oldest prison, but now nothing more than a tourist museum, before ending up at Borough Market for an hour’s rest, food and relaxation.

This was a very busy, long, but thoroughly enjoyable day and I would like to thank Mrs Simpson and the Year 12 Media Studies pupils for a day that will live long in the memory.”