Year 12 IRIS Project Workshop

Last week four Year 12s (Alfie Bryce-Clegg, Matt Waddington, Harry Smith and James Coleman) went to AGGS to take part in an IRIS project workshop, a follow-up to our visit to the Rutherford Appleton Labs in October 2016.  In October, we were introduced to TimePix detectors which are detectors based on CERN technology that can monitor the types of radiation Astronauts and Cosmonauts come into contact with whilst in orbit. Students were tasked with working with this data and then combining it with a satellite spreadsheet and map to locate the South Atlantic Anomaly (an area that has higher than usual levels of radiation).  The students worked well as a team and with other schools.  Our hosts at AGGS were highly complementary of the students’ behaviour, attitude and participation in the project. Thanks go to Dr Lane for accompanying the team and Mrs Lord (our Trafford Ogden Trust teaching fellow) for organising this.