Year 12 Candlelight Conference

The REP department took 21 Year 12 pupils to a Candlelight Conference in Manchester on Tuesday, hosted by the one and only Peter Vardy.  Mr Harrison had attended the exact same conference in 2009 and so was utterly star struck when the man himself escorted us to our seats. Throughout the conference, the Year 12 pupils’ behaviour was impeccable. Most were frantically taking notes (Sam Riley in particular!) and others had the confidence to voice their opinions during a debate, (Adam Royle) in front of hundreds of others. Overall the day was rewarding for two reasons; firstly, our pupils got valuable insights into the topics they have studied so far this year, which will be invaluable for them as their second mock exams approach in the next few weeks. More importantly, it was a reminder (if we needed one) that we get to work with some fantastic pupils, who demonstrated throughout the day a real engagement with the event, their attitude was superb and they were a credit to the school. Well done year 12… Mrs Stephens and Mr Harrison cannot wait to see all the Vardy references in your essays over the next couple of weeks.