Year 11 Laura & Lauren

You may remember last year that two of our Year 11 students, Laura McLaughlin and Lauren Bolton decided to contribute to the bulletin once in a while. Here is their latest offering.

 “Before the end of last term our form group (11GHN) held a bake sale in aid of the charity ‘Shelter’ to help the homeless who were in need over the Christmas period.  Mr Harrison also produced a poem which was read at Wellington’s annual Christmas concert by 5 Year 7 students.  This highlighted the need to think about Christmas in someone else’s shoes and reflect on how lucky we all are to be able to buy gifts, eat hot meals and celebrate in warm homes with a roof over our heads.

Overall, we raised £118.14!  This was all donated within the space of 40 minutes due to the rapid selling of festive cakes and biscuits that were either kindly brought in or home baked by members of 11GHN, teachers and other students.  Thank you to everyone who baked, bought and donated to our bake sale last month, we really appreciate your support and so does everyone who benefitted from the money over the Christmas period.”