Year 11

“Quick well done to Year 11’s for their conduct during the mock exams” writes Mr Travis.  “Revision at home plays a big part in preparing for examinations and much that I’d love to ring every parent and check their child has been revising, this just isn’t feasible.  However, one thing I can do is see how many students have been accessing GCSEPod to help with their revision outside of the classroom.  For those unfamiliar with GCSEPod, in a nutshell it’s an independent learning and revision tool that contains thousands of short videos (or pods) and related questions all geared towards the actual curriculum the students study.  It’s not compulsory students use GCSEPod, but we do encourage all students to give it a fair trial.  

In September we had 48 videos played in total by the entire year group.  This increased to a still measly 227 in October.  However, in November after the students had met with their staff mentors, 2454 videos were watched followed by 2856 in December, all in time for the mock exams!  So, nearly 5600 videos watched!!…and that’s just for the first mock’s!!! Well done to everyone.       

Finally, well done to Mrs Clarke’s tutor group for accessing the most GCSEPod videos so far and another well done to Mrs Hamlin’s tutor group where 96% of students in that tutor group are utilising GCSEPod to supplement their revision.  If you know your son/daughter has still to use GCSEPod, please encourage them to give it a go.”