Year 10 Practice Interviews – 10.05.17

Mrs Mackay with this report on the Year 10 practice interviews:

“On Wednesday, 33 volunteers from various Employers, Higher Educational establishments and Apprenticeship providers came into School to interview our Year 10 students as a practice for actual interviews in the future.

Prior to the interviews all Year 10 students completed an application form and the interviewers used the information provided in these forms to shape the interview.

Year 10 students arrived, rather nervously I must say, but after their interview they were all smiling and far more relaxed, having enjoyed the experience. Here are a few quotes from their evaluation forms:

“It has prepared me for future interviews and it was really helpful”

“It went really smoothly and a great experience”

“Very informative, very beneficial in helping me work out what I want to do next”.

“Interesting, helpful and I felt comfortable and intrigued to hear my future options and things to improve upon”.

Students received verbal and written feedback. It was agreed by all that this was an excellent, useful and very worthwhile activity.

Many of the employers who were involved in this event also visit other schools in the North West and commented how impressed they were with the way that the students had completed their application forms and also how they conducted themselves during the interview. They were extremely complimentary about our students, saying that they were a credit to the school, themselves and their parents.

Another invaluable way that we at Wellington endeavour to develop the wider skills of every student at the school.”