Year 10 Enterprise Challenge – 10.07.17

“All Year 10 students were involved in an ‘Enterprise Challenge’, which took place in school on the morning of the 10th July” writes Mrs Mackay.

“This activity is a practical introduction to the concept of business and enterprise, where Year 10 students were given the opportunity to work in teams in a ‘blue chip company’. During the morning they were able to experience some of the issues that companies face, such as production, time schedules, marketing, sales and finance.

Prior to the event the students completed a ‘Personal Profile Form’, which gave an indication of their strengths, working styles and skills. Students were then allocated specific job roles suited to their individual skills and attributes as a member of a particular company. The Challenge was intended to provide an opportunity for students to use their practical, problem-solving, communication, decision making and presentation skills.

The students were encouraged to use their own initiative and individual talents, whilst working as a team, as they were in competition to make the most profit. In order to do this, students negotiated contracts with employers, produced promotional materials, as well as products that they presented to the panel of customers in a simulation of an industry supply chain. The students also had to manage their time carefully so as to meet the deadlines agreed in each financial quarter.

Year 10 certainly rose to the challenge and produced some excellent products that earned them large profits. The whole morning reflected their enthusiasm, tenacity and maturity.

The winning company was “Sterling” and the team members were: Thomas Carr, Managing Director; Owain Lacey, Finance Manager; Jessica Williams, Sales Manager, Christos Blazos, Production Manager; Jake Riddell, Marketing Manager; Jack Hardiman, Brandon Lane, Grace Ferguson and Ellie Gannon, Engineers. Very well done to all.

Our thanks go to the employers involved, who gave up their time freely to take part in this event.”